Africa Star

Africa Star

The Africa Star was awarded for 1 or more days’ service in North Africa, Malta or Egypt between 10 Jun 1940 - 12 May 1943.

The qualifying areas for the Africa Star also include the earlier areas of conflict against the Italians in East Africa; those serving in Abyssinia, Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya or Somaliland between certain other specified dates will also qualify. Service with either the 1st or 8th Army in North Africa during certain specified dates will qualify for award of the ‘1st Army’ or ‘8th Army’ Clasp to be worn on the ribbon of the Africa Star.

Provided neither the 1st or 8th Army Clasps have been qualified for, staff of the 18 Army Group Headquarters who served between certain specified dates under a specified General will qualify for award of the Clasp ‘North Africa 1942-43’.

Source: MOD

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