L118 Light Gun

The versatile 105mm light gun is used by the parachute and commando field artillery regiments of the British Army.

The light gun can be towed by a medium-weight vehicle or carried around the battlefield underslung by a Chinook helicopter. Royal Artillery L118 light guns are fitted with an automatic pointing system (APS), which enables the gun to be unlimbered and in action in 30 seconds.

APS is based on an inertial navigation system, operated via a touch screen, it replaces the traditional dial sight.

The L118 replaced the 105mm Pack Howitzer which had been used by 7 RHA since the early 1960s.

Crew 6

Length (Gun Forward) 8.8m

Height 2.13m

Width 1.78m

Combat Weight 1858kg

Ammunition High Explosive (HE), smoke, illuminating, target marking

Maximum RangeHE 17.2km

Shell weightHE 15.1KG

Manufacturer BAE Systems

Information courtesy of the MoD

Information courtesy of the MoD

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