Colonel Alastair J Taylor

{ Jock }

12 Feb 1966 -

  • Gulf Medal (1990-91) with Clasp
  • General Service Medal (to 1962) Clasp medal
  • NATO Medal with Former Yugoslavia Clasp
  • NATO Medal ISAF
  • Operational Service Medal Afghanistan
  • Queen's Golden Jubailee Medal 2002
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012
  • Volunteer Reserves Service Medal

Passed Pre Parachute Selection and Parachute Training in 1984 as a Private soldier aged 18.

Served in 5 Airborne Brigade 1984 - 1990 in the rank of Cpl (16 Fd Amb Parachute Clearing Troop and 23 Parachute Field Ambulance supporting all 3 Regular Parachute Regiment Battalions.

On commissioning served as a Captain in 5 Airborne Bde Log Bn (as 2IC 82 Airborne GS Sqn)1995 - 1997. 

Deployed to Gulf War 1 Operation GRANDBY in 1991 and Operation HAVEN (Northern Iraq and S Turkey) with 3 Commando Brigade.

This was followed by 2 x 6 month tours in Bosnia (1992 Op GRAPPLE 4 and in 1997 Op LODESTAR).  Further service as Second In Command of 16 CS Med Regt in 16 Air Assault Bde deploying on Op HERRICK 4 to Helmand, Afghanistan with 3 PARA Battle Group in April 2006.        

Created with images and material kindly provided by AJ Taylor. Image copyright Getty Images. 

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OS Alastair J Taylor with Prince Charles in Falklands

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