5 Airborne Brigade Logistic Battalion

5 Airborne Brigade Logistic Battalion

5 Airborne Brigade Logistic Battalion was created to support 5 Airborne Brigade on operations. Reformed in the mid-1980s, it was based at Mont Lines and shared mess and accommodation with 9 Squadron RE, 216 Signal Squadron, Pathfinders and 5 Airborne Brigade HQ.

Each parachute battalion had a PARA FRT from 5 AB Log Bn to support each battalion's motor transport section (MT) and assist drop zone recovery. In support of these duties, around half of  5 AB Log Bn personnel were parachute trained and, in the tradition of the earlier Airborne Logistic Battalion, personnel were instructed to wear a black stable belt with a Pegasus on the buckle. This was later supplemented by a full set of webbing.

The remainder of 5 AB Log Bn was intended to support the brigade from the airhead (for example, the capture of an airfield). The battalion helped provide the defence and security for the airhead (or landing site), which would be assessed immediately on landing. This allowed the release of any parachute battalion involved on the drop to secure the airfield or objective.

Although not deployed operationally in the mid-1980s, the battalion undertook overseas training in Oman and Cyprus to supplement an extensive programme of exercises in the UK.

The units included

63 Airborne Squadron RCT/RLC,
82 Airborne Ordnance Company RAOC/RLC
10 Airborne Field Workshops REME
Battalion HQ

Commanding Officers

1985              Lt Col Mike Squires (RCT)

Record under construction - with thanks to Lt Col Alan Flavell

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