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Slim Scouser said:
F.A.O James O'Connell - 3 Para;

Just watched your interview with Chris Thrall on YouTube and was glued to the whole two hours or so because it enlightened me on several events/accounts that have replayed themselves in the back of my mind since I was around six or seven years old.

I have a strange knack for remembering every moment of my life and the names Sgt. Ian McKay and Cpl. Stuart McLaughlin are two names which which appear in my head every time the Falklands are mentioned. Having always had a thirst for knowledge, whenever I've heard [or read] their names over the years I've dived straight into research mode - sometimes for days at a time and never come away with any more detail than the last time.

Just watching your interview with Chris (I'm 44 years old now by the way and won't let go of a subject/interest until I find a definitive answer to satisfy my own questions) has allowed me to move on by finally discovering the true/actual events surrounding their final hours.

I'll leave it there for the moment as for several reasons I can't go on at the moment but it's just an approving nod from myself, a fellow Scouser and veteran residing only ten minutes down the road from yourself that you've helped me move on by ticking several of the many boxes in my head.

If the above comes across as a bit of a ramble then please forgive me as I'm a bit overwhelmed that the final piece of this particular jigsaw has finally been found.

Speak again soon, cheers!

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