US Legion of Merit

US Legion of Merit

The Legion of Merit is a a meritorious service award of the United States issued to United States military personnel and to personnel of the armed forces of friendly foreign nations who “have distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services.”

The award is graded by degree to foreign recipients based on their relative rank:
Chief Commander  for Heads of State or Governments.
Commander  for Military Chiefs of  Staff.
Officer for Generals or Flag Officers.
Legionnaire for all other ranks.

Recipients of the Commander’s degree wear the Legion of Merit as a neck award.

There are variations to the basic medal ribbon for each of the four degrees. The medal ribbon depicted is for the Legionnaire degree. Recipients of the other three degrees wear mini medal replicas pinned to the ribbon, which vary according to seniority.

Personnel who have been awarded this decoration


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