Clasp for Volunteer Reserves Service Medal

Clasp for Volunteer Reserves Service Medal

Clasps are awarded for additional increments of 5 years reckonable service above the initial qualifying period of 10 years reckonable service.

The clasps are in silver and engraved on the reverse with the date of the award of the Clasp and attached to the ribbon by which the Medal is suspended. 

Rose emblems denoting the award of each Clasp are attached to the ribbon when the ribbon only is worn. A maximum of 3 roses may be worn. To denote service beyond the award of 3 Clasps (3 silver roses), the following shall be worn: a. Four Clasps - One gold rose b. Five Clasps - One gold rose and one silver rose c. Six Clasps - One gold rose and two silver roses d. Seven Clasps - Two gold roses.

Source: MOD.

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