Sergeant Duane Adams

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  • Clasp for Volunteer Reserves Service Medal

Duane Adams volunteered for the airborne forces when he was 18. He successfully passed his Parachute jump instruction at Brize Norton on Course number TA 15, in 1988. 

He then went on to serve with Support Company 10 Para, Milan detachment Portsmouth , 1989-1993, Milan Aldershot, Patrols Platoon Aldershot 1993, 1998.  Served Milan PLATOON SP COY 1988-1993, Then PATROLS PLATOON for 5 years.

The sniper cadre and working in small teams, Duane considers to be the highlight of his career.

Mortar platoon 1998-1999.

MPGS (Military Provost Guard Service) 7 Dec 2000 until 24 June 2011 leaving as a  Sergeant.

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OS Duane Adams

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Duane Adams said:
Looking mean but prob pissed off lol
Duane Adams said:
Another Jump. Emplaning, think we lobbed into Everleigh DZ.
Duane Adams said:
Looking Ally as fcuk! I did have a Barbour jacket over this to hide the MP5 and Glock17.
Took it off to pose!!💪
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