Land Rover Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (WMIK)

The Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (WMIK) was developed by Ricardo and is fitted to Airborne Landrovers (officially known as Truck Utility Medium High Specification) The vehicle would be recognisable to many Second World War Airborne veterans as the design is similar to the earlier Airborne Recce Jeeps.

Designed to be light and fast, but with a heavy punch, the WMIK meets the requirements for an agile patrol vehicle.

Additional protection can be added with Kevlar panels and the WMIK can be armed with a variety of weapons from General Purpose Machine Guns (in single and double mounts), 50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun and Grenade Machine Gun. WMIKs can be deployed from Chinooks for Airborne Operations.

The latest version of the vehicle, the RWMIK+ (R for Re-Lifed), has been issued since 2011 and has been enlarged to over 4 tonnes to accommodate new equipment, carry a four-man crew, and offer enhanced protection. They have also been installed with automatic transmission and a bigger 2.8-litre engine, along with an improved armour package, covering the rear fighting compartment, side doors, additional mine protection and enhanced rollover system.



Engine300 Tdi Engine

Max Speed160 kph

Length4.55 m

Height2.4 m

Length4.55 m

4100 kg


At rear either:
.50 HMG
40mm GMG
7.62mm GPMG

At front:
7.62mm GPMG

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