Corporal Lionel Yarwood

{ Yardy }

17 Oct 1965 -

  • Accumulated Service Medal
  • United Nations Medal, Cyprus

Lionel Yarwood joined JPC in 1982 during the Falklands War.   He had two brothers already serving with 2 Para, who served during op Corporate, fortunately  both returned.

On completion of his training Yardy was asked if he wanted to join 2 Para alongside his brothers. He declined this offer as he wanted to make his own way, in a different Battalion. He chose 3 Para, as most of his staff were 3 Para during training, and they had a massive impact on him then and making Yardy the person he is today.

Ironically both of my brothers ended up in 3 Para too.

Created with information kindly supplied by L Yarwood

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Lionel Yarwood

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