Major Graham Gilbert

22 Aug 1944 -

1962-64. RMA Sandhurst. Commissioned into the Parachute Regiment. Depot PARA for P Coy and Parachute course.

1965-66. Posted to 1 PARA as Pl Comd in D Coy just before the Battalion left Aldershot for a year's tour based in Bahrain. This tour included active service in the Radfan and later in Aden. On return to Aldershot D Coy became D (Ptl) Coy and began to train for jungle ops in Borneo. This was discontinued in Aug 66 when the confrontation with Indonesia ended.

1967- 68.  Regimental Signals Officer 1 PARA. Operational tour in Aden (May-Nov 67) and based in Aldershot in 1968.

1969. Second in Command Recruit Company, Aldershot, then appointed ADC to Comd 1(Br) Corps Lt Gen Sir Mervyn Butler, based at Bielefeld, Germany.

1970. Accompanied Gen Butler to his next appointment as C-in-C STRATCO based at Wilton.

1971. IO 3 PARA, deployed to SW Belfast for a 4 month tour. Assumed post of Adjutant 3 PARA in the autumn.

1972-73. Adjutant 3 PARA in Aldershot, a 6 month tour with UNFICYP, and another 4 month tour in Belfast.

1973-75. Platoon Instructor at RMA Sandhurst.1975-77. Staff College (Div 2)

1978-79. Company Commander B Coy 1 PARA. Included a 4 month tour in South Armagh.

1979-81. Staff Officer in MOD (ASD 2a) - final job in the Army.

The profile photo was taken in June 1967, in Sheik Othman, Aden when Graham was Regimental Signals Officer 1 Para.



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