Lance Corporal Frederick Tarbin

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Frederick Tarbin joined the Middlesex Regiment on 2 February 1953, before serving with the Middle East Land Forces (MELF) in Egypt for a month in July.

On 27 August 1953 Private Tarbin then transferred to Support Company Medium Machine Gun (MMG) Platoon, 2nd Parachute Battalion, with MELF until 28 August 1954.

Lance-Corporal Tarbin also worked as Company Clerk in Major Frank Douglas King’s officer, as well as a Unit Education Instructor.

He was then recalled to England before being transferred to the reserve in January 1956.

Later in 1956 he was recalled to The Parachute Regiment and MELF in Egypt and took part in Operation Musketeer.

Lance-Corporal Tarbin was discharged on 3 June 1957.

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Frederick  Tarbin

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