Sgt Dave Heals Service History


2nd November 1962 – 24th August 2021.

Joined Depot PARA 2nd June 1982.

Passed out 18th February 1982, and was posted to 3 Platoon, A-Company, 2 PARA.

April 1983 did a 6 month Garrison Tour of Belize, Central America.

6 month Operation Tour of Duty in South Armagah, Northern Ireland 1984 – 1985.

April – May 1985 completed the battalion Drill and Duties Cadre.

June 1985 joined the Anti-Tank Platoon, Support Company, 2 PARA.

1986 promoted to Lance Corporal.

Completed the Anti-Tank Detachment Commanders Course March – May 1987.

6 month Garrison Tour of Belize, Central America 1987 – 1988.

Completed the Section Commanders Battle Course, June – October 1988, and promoted to Corporal.

3 month Operational Tour of Duty in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1990.

1990 – 1992 to Pirbright as an Instructor for Junior Company, The Parachute Regiment.

6 month Operational Tour of Duty in Belfast, Northern Ireland 1992.

Completed the Platoon Sergeant’s Battle Course, January – April 1993.

June 1993 – June 1995 a two year Residential Tour in Northern Ireland, based at Palace Barracks, where he was, initially the Platoon Sergeant of 3 Platoon, A-Company, 2 PARA, and half way through the tour was then posted to D-Company, 2 PARA.

1995 – 1997 posted to the Recruiting Office at Salisbury.

June 1997 promoted to Colour Sergeant and posted to the 3 PARA as the Anti-Tank Platoon Commander.

19th June 1998 took part in the ‘new’ Colours Presentation, by H.R.H. Prince Charles, on Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot.

6 month Operational Tour of Duty in East Tyrone, Northern Ireland, 1999 – 2000.

2001 promoted to Warrant Officer Class Two.

2001 – 2003 posted to 10 Company, 4 PARA at White City, London as a Permanent Staff Instructor.

Early 2003 posted to D (Patrols) Company, 3 PARA, as Company Sergeant Major, and took part in the Second Gulf War.

‘Dave’ completed his Service in 2004, having been awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

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