M3 White Scout Car

The M3 Scout Car was an all wheeled armoured car designed in 1937 by the White Motor Company in the United States.

In British service it was known as "Truck 15-CWT Personnel White".

The M3 was rapidly replaced, in 1940, by the M3A1 version which had detail differences in layout and with an improved hull design. The vehicle retained both its light armour and 4 wheel drive. It saw extensive service with Allied forces during the early part of the Second World War especially in liaison and reconnaissance.

Although not designed for Airborne use, in 1944 the Airborne Forces Development Centre began modifying the M3A1 for deployment via the Hamilcar Glider, in a Signals role.

The modifications including adding anchor points for transport in gliders and numerous detail changes to canopy supports, the internal layout for additional Wireless Sets, batteries and cabling.

The M3A1 was withdrawn from service in the immediate post war period.


Weight 8900ILbs (4036kg)

Length 222in (5.6m)

Width 80in (2m)

Height 79in (2m)

Armour 6-13mm

Speed 55mph (89kph)

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