L85A2, 5.56mm Rifle, SA80A2, with Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL)

The L85A2 is the British Army's standard combat weapon. It fires NATO standard 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition and can be equipped with an Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) system.

The UGL consists of a Heckler & Koch AG-36 40mm grenade launcher and EO Tech holographic sight wedded to an ISTEC range drum. The UGL allows fire teams to deliver effective fragmenting munitions out to 350 metres. Advantages of the system are low recoil, ease of use, reduced ammunition weight and ability to have a chambered grenade at the ready whilst continuing to fire the SA80.

Weight 1.12kg

Muzzle velocity76m/s

Cyclic rate of fire5-7rpm


Information courtesy of MoD.


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