Jackal Armoured Vehicle

The Jackal is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain.

It is designed to protect personnel against roadside explosions and mine attacks whilst still being highly mobile.

Used for reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support and convoy protection Jackal has the capacity to support itself and its crew of three over 800km. It has a maximum speed of 80mph (129km/h) on roads or 55mph (89km/h) over rough terrain, and weighs seven tonnes.

Jackal is armed with a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) as crew protection and can carry either .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) or Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) as the main weapon system in the fire support role.

The Jackal is closely related to the new Coyote Tactical Support Vehicle, which is a six-wheel Jackal-based armoured vehicle. An improved variant, Jackal 2, entered operational service in 2010.



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