Handley Page Hastings Aircraft

The Handley Page HP 67 Hastings was designed by the Handley Page Aircraft Company as a troop-carrier and freight transport aircraft with the capability to deploy parachutists, in answer to the RAFs requirement for a transport aircraft in the immediate post war period.

The Hastings was of all metal design, with retractable undercarriage and a tail wheel at the rear and was powered by four wing-mounted Bristol Hercules 101 radial engines.

The aircraft was operated by a crew of five and could carry either 30 paratroopers, 32 stretchers and 28 sitting casualties, or 50 fully equipped troops. 

The first production aircraft entered service in October 1948 and was used to drop Paratroopers on El Gamil airfield as part of Op Musketeer, the assault on Suez in 1956.

The Hastings was retired from operational use in 1968, when it was replaced by the Hercules. 



Capacity:35 Paratroopers

Length:81ft 8in (24.89m)

Wingspan:113ft (34.44m)

Height:22ft 6in (6.86m)

Max Speed:348mph (560kmh)

Range:1690 miles (2720 km)

Service ceiling:26500ft (8077m)

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