Citation for the award of the MBE to Major Arthur Sisson

Major Sisson has been engaged for the last fourteen months on world wide forward logistic planning. Due to the loss of one AA & QMG from DAP (A)’s establishment, during the last six months much additional work and responsibilities have fallen to him.

These months have been a period of intense planning activity on successive Defence Review and other important studies. On such work an officer in Major Sisson’s appointment would normally be able to rely both on advice and help over detail from other staff branches, the AQ Services and overseas Commands. Such however has been the delicate nature of many of the proposals that especially severe security restrictions on “need to know” have been imposed, leaving him the burden of the detailed work and in many cases the need to make the necessary judgements alone. A great deal of this work has been done against time.

He has frequently had to attend meetings and deal with officers of all three services senior in rank to himself. Not only are his views listened to with respect, but in these counsels by his quiet confidence he has more than held his own.

He has successfully carried out the duties of AA & QMG in that officer’s absence and, as the Grade 2 officer responsible for co-ordination, has shown considerable command and control over the branch as a whole. His example and refusal to accept anything but the best possible in the time available has earned the respect of the other officers in the branch and proved an inspiration to them.

A meticulous and zealous worker, he has been continuously under pressure. Despite his extra burdens his judgement and accuracy have been unimpaired and he has consistently produced results of a quality well above that which could be expected of a junior staff officer. He has never hesitated to shoulder responsibility or to undertake his tasks with zeal. His strength of character and quiet determination have always been an example and inspiration to others in the Directorate and this, coupled with his great devotion to duty and outstanding application to his work, are well worthy of recognition.

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