Parachute Regiment Battle School Brecon Wales

Parachute Regiment Battle School Brecon Wales

There was a Battle School co-located at Hardwick Hall in April 1942 with the Airborne Forces Depot, but administratively independent and self contained. Training was carried out in the Derwent Valley and on the moors belonging to the Duke of Devonshire. It closed in 1944.

The Parachute Regiment Battle School at Brecon in Wales was initially formed as a Battle Camp by Lt Col John Waddy, utilising permanent staff from Depot Para based at Maida Barracks Aldershot. Shortly before the move of the Depot to Browning Barracks a formal Parachute Regiment Battle School was established in 1967 and upgraded to a Lieutenant Colonel’s command in 1968.

It primarily ran tactics courses for Section Commanders and Platoon Sergeants although some officer platoon commanders attended the SNCO version. It was finally absorbed into the NCOs’ Tactical Wing, School of Infantry, also located at Brecon, in 1976 .

Commanding Officers:

1966-9        Major JJL Thorpe, MBE

Battle Camp:

1960-2        Capt J Taylor
1962-4        Capt LJH Kent
1964-7        Maj AML Watson

Parachute Regiment Battle School:   
1968-9        Lt Col JG Starling, MBE, MC
1969-71      Lt Col PF Walter, MBE, MC
1972-4        Lt Col JJL Thorpe, MBE
1974-6        Lt Col JP Epplestone

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  • Recruit Training, Brecon, by Peter Culpitt Evans.

    Recruit Training, Brecon, by Peter Culpitt Evans.

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