9th Airborne Squadron RE

9th Airborne Squadron RE

While in Norway during Operation DOOMSDAY 9 (Airborne) Field Company was reorganised, renamed 9th Airborne Squadron RE and redeployed to Palestine to join 6th Airborne Division, where its efforts included the clearance of the King David Hotel bombed by terrorists.

It remained in Palestine until 9 March 1948 when it embarked on the Samaria at Haifa port bound for the United Kingdom.

With the disbandment of 6th Airborne Division the unit was succeeded in 1948 by 9th Independent Airborne Squadron RE which became the sapper unit for 16 Independent Parachute Brigade Group. The reconstituted sapper unit was formed  from personnel of  the 1st, 3rd and 9th Airborne Squadrons and 147 Airborne Park Squadron.

It served in Germany as part of the British Army of the Rhine from June 1948 to July 1949 when it returned to the UK, based in Aldershot.

The Squadron deployed to Cyprus with 16th Parachute Brigade in 1951 and moved from there to the Suez Canal Zone where it remained until June 1954, returning to Aldershot.

While based in Aldershot it was redesignated as 9 Independent Parachute Squadron RE prior to 16th Parachute Brigade's deployment to Suez in 1956.

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