96 Battery (RA)

96 Battery (RA)

1947 to 1961

When the 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery (RA) was redesignated as 33rd Airborne Light Regiment RA in 1947, its batteries were also renumbered.

211 Battery from the 53rd was renumbered as 96 Airborne Light Battery.

The battery operated with this numeric designation both under the 33rd Airborne Light Regiment and its successors, 33rd Parachute Field Regiment RA, and 33rd Parachute Light Regiment RA, for approximately 14 years until the regiment was succeeded by 7th Parachute Light Regt RHA in 1961.

96 Battery operated in Palestine, Germany, United Kingdom, the Canal Zone, Suez and the Middle East.

During this time it operated with a range of armaments including the 75mm Pack Howitzer, 25 Pounder and 4.2 inch mortars.

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