93 (Airborne) Composite Company RASC

93 (Airborne) Composite Company RASC

1943 to 1945

93 (Airborne) Composite Company RASC was redesignated as an Airborne unit of 1st Airborne Division in early April 1943. Formerly the 93 Armoured Brigade Coy, based at Aldbourne, they were relocated to Marlborough and Wing Lines, Bulford prior to embarkation for North Africa. In North Africa, they were based at M’Saken, near Sousse and undertook intensive training in technique of re-supply by air, including container and pannier drops from Albemarles.

In November 1943, Company members were transferred to begin a new Company in 2nd Parachute Brigade (to be named 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade Transport Company RASC - 3 Officers and 90 OR’s). The remainder of 93 Coy were transported back to the UK (via SS Maloja) to Liverpool. The Coy had brief stays based at Longhill Hall, Branstone and Hartsholme Hall in early 1944 before returning to Field strength in Feb 1944 (12 Officers and 387 ORs). It was during this period that 93 Coy was redesignated as the Seaborne echelon and the Company undertook training exercises in seaborne landings in the Summer 1944 (when the Transport Platoon was returned from France to reinforce 165 Airborne Lt Coy).

In late September, 93 Coy took part in attempted relief effort for Market Garden. Using two 3 Ton vehicles loaded with ammunition, they attempted to reach the Rhine in order to ferry across supplies to the besieged 1st Airborne Division. Regrettably, the attempt failed. The ammunition was offloaded, so that vehicles could be used to transport Arnhem survivors and 75mm Howitzer ammunition was issued to the US 82nd Airborne Division.

93 Coy took part in Operation Doomsday in May 1945, as part of the occupation of Norway to disarm German Troops, before returning to the UK in September 1945. After a brief move Minstead, New Forest the unit was disbanded in Winter 1945-6.

Commanding Officers

1943     Maj FA Lovegrove
1944     Maj R Tompkins

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  • Members of 93 (Airborne) Composite Company RASC

    Members of 93 (Airborne) Composite Company RASC

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  • Bert Newitt (left) with unknown Lance Corporal

    Bert Newitt (left) with unknown Lance Corporal

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