82 (Para) Ordnance Company, RAOC

82 (Para) Ordnance Company, RAOC

82 (Para) Ordnance Coy formed part of 5 Airborne Brigade.


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John Broughton said:
Max Kerley was OC of this unit
Max Aitken said:
Steve Jones was 2IC, followed by Chris Blong. CSM was Gerry Paul. SSgt "Seve" Eves was a stores bloke. Other blokes were: "TC" Cummings, "Jock" McCann, "Mince" Baxter, Dave Hunter, Phil Chawdray, "Skin" Paul, Col Ellis, Chaz Taylor, 2Lt "Skin" Nunn, Eddie LLoyd, CQMS "Snapper" Snape. My memory is failing, more names to follow.
Ken Nickson said:
When the unit formed in April 1984 there was only a small team posted in to the accept the stores and equipment. The unit was administered by 63 Sqn RCT with Major Mike Sqiures as OC and Lt Head RAOC was in charge of the Ord element. Major Roy Southworh then took command of the company with Capt Wilson as 2i/c.
Nigel McNeilly said:
Served with 82AB 1990 trying to find AL Smiles and Martin Morehouse any leads
michael Barnes said:
Geordie Burns, Hoppy, Phil Tiff, Kev lambert, Lucky Hutch all served plus more
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