8 Field Company (Parachute) REME

8 Field Company (Parachute) REME

8 Field Company (Para) was formed from 8 Field Workshop, based at Colchester, when 16 Air Assault Brigade was created in 1999. It also became part of 7 Battalion REME, which was redesignated as 7 Air Assault Battalion REME.

The company provides airborne and wheeled forward repair teams; in depth repair facilities for vehicles, equipment and weapon systems; and recovery support.

It presently (as of 2012) has an establishment of over 150 personnel and is organised with a Company HQ, Forward Platoon, General Platoon and Support Platoon.

The company has previously deployed to Iraq, for Op Telic, and Afghanistan, for Op Herrick.

The Airborne Forward Repair Team (ABFRT), within 8 Field Coy, is tasked with providing equipment support to 16 Air Assault Brigade during the initial stages of any operation, and can be inserted by several methods. The early stages of any operation will be a busy time for the ABRFT, especially if it is a parachute insertion.

Initially, the ABFRT will carry tools, limited spares packs, expedient repairs equipment, communications kit and personal equipment with their bergans. This will provide a limited equipment support capability on the Drop Zone (DZ) from the start.

The primary task is to clear the heavy drop DZ. First priority is given to mobilization of the 105mm Light Guns to provide security to the DZ, and then the remainder of the brigade’s vehicles and equipment. Once this is done the ABFRT will remain with the battle group providing equipment support and advice for as long as required.

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  • Display poster describing role of 8 Field Coy's Airborne Forward Repair Team, June 2012

    Display poster describing role of 8 Field Coy's Airborne Forward Repair Team, June 2012

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