6th Independent Parachute Brigade

6th Independent Parachute Brigade

At the end of 1945 decisions were taken on the future of 2 Indian Airborne Division, formerly 44 Indian Airborne Division, which eventually resulted in its reorganisation and 'nationalisation' in preparation for the independence of India.

The effect of the reorganisation was to result in all British troops being withdrawn from 2 Indian Airborne Division and formed into 6 (British) Independent Parachute Brigade although it remained under Divisional command.

Brigade Headquarters was based in Karachi.

By 1st January 1947 the brigade group's Order of Battle was as follows:

2nd Battalion, The Black Watch
15th Parachute Battalion
16th Parachute Battalion
2nd British Independent Pathfinder Company
158 Parachute Field Regiment RA
159 Parachute Light Regiment RA
12 Parachute Squadron RE
7 Parachute Field Ambulance RAMC
Provost Company

The units were either disbanded or redeployed as a result of Indian independence in 1947.

Commanding Officer
Brigadier CJ Wilkinson

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