5th Parachute Brigade (TA)

5th Parachute Brigade (TA)

The 5th Parachute Brigade (Territorial) was formed in 1947 as one of three TA parachute brigades under the command of 16th Airborne Division (TA), the others being 4th and 6th Parachute Brigades (Territorial).

The brigade's headquarters were located in York and its subordinate units were:
12th Battalion (TA)
17th Battalion (TA) 
18th Battalion (TA)

In 1950 the brigade was renumbered as 45 Parachute Brigade (TA).

In 1956, 16th Airborne Division (TA), 45th Parachute Brigade (TA),  and 46th Parachute Brigade (TA) were disbanded, while the 18th Battalion (TA) was amalgamated into the 7th Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

The remaining TA PARA Battalions, including 12th and 17th Battalions (TA), transferred to 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (TA). Shortly afterwards the 12th Battalion amalgamated with the 13th to form 12/13th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (TA).

Brigade Commanders

1947-49 Brigadier AHG Ricketts DSO
1949-52 Brigadier MW Roberts DSO
1952-55 Brigadier AWE Daniell
1955-56 Brigadier TCH Pearson DSO

Brigade Majors

1947-48 Major GP Gofton-Salmond OBE
1948- Major TAG Pritchard DSO MBE
1952- Major JHS Turnbull MC
1955 Major Russell

Compiled with the assistance of John Muir.

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