562 Company RASC (TA)

562 Company RASC (TA)

1951 to 1965

562 Company RASC (Parachute Brigade Transport) TA was one of three companies which made up the 16th Airborne Divisional Column (RASC).

It was created in 1951 by the redesignation of 1562nd Company (Airborne Divisional Composite), RASC (TA).

In 1956, 16th Airborne Division was replaced by 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (TA) and in the following year, the two other companies of the RASC's Airborne Divisional Column were disbanded, leaving 562 Coy as the sole RASC Company to support 44 Para Bde.

The unit was succeeded in 1965 by 562 (Parachute Squadron) RCT TA, as a result of the McLeod reforms which reorganised British Army Logistics.

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