44th Parachute Brigade (TA)

44th Parachute Brigade (TA)

The 44th Parachute Brigade (TA) formed part of the 16th Airborne Division (TA).

Originally created as 4th Parachute Brigade, it was renumbered as 44th Parachute Brigade in 1950 and continued under Divisional command until 1956 when reductions in the number of TA PARA Battalions led to the Division's disbandment.

The five remaining TA PARA Battalions and supporting arms continued as part of 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group.

Brigade Commanders

1950-53 Brigadier JA Hopwood DSO
1953-55 Brigadier WD Tighe Wood MC
1955-56* Brigadier PGF Young

* Brigadier Young also commanded 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group.

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