4 Field Regiment RA

4 Field Regiment RA

7 PARA RHA was redesignated as 7 Field Regiment RA in 1977, following a defence review, and lost its airborne role.

In its place, 4 Field Regiment RA adopted a parachute role in support of 6 Field Force.

4 Fld Regt operated at this time with three field batteries - 29 (Corunna), 88 (Arracan) and 97 (Lawson’s Company) - equipped with the 105mm Light Gun. Two of these batteries (29 and 97) had previously performed an airborne role with 33 Para Light Regt in the 1950s until 1961.

29 (Corunna) Bty and 97 (Lawson’s Company) Bty deployed to the South Atlantic in 1982 as part of the task force to retake the Falkands.

4 Field Regiment lost its airborne role following further restructuring in 1983 on the formation of 5 Airborne Brigade, and continues to operate today equipped with the AS-90 self-propelled gun.

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