261 (Airborne) Field Park Company RE

261 (Airborne) Field Park Company RE


261 Field Park Company RE was formed from 204 (Wessex) Field Company in 1939, and became part of the newly formed 45th (West Country) Division.

The company joined the Airborne Division (later the 1st Airborne Division) in January 1942. It was trained for a glider-borne role with the division and re-designated as 261 Field Park Company RE (Airborne).

In November 1942, ten sappers (with 20 from 9 Company) set off for the heavy water plant in the Telemark District of Norway with the objective of destroying it. Both gliders crashed and there were no survivors.

261 Company supported the 1st Airborne Division throughout the war in North Africa, Italy, Sicily, NW Europe and a detachment of 21 sappers landed in Arnhem.

Officers Commanding:


Lieut. E. Anderson.                              June 1939 – November 1939.

Captain. D.A. Smith.                            November 1939 – April 1940.

Captain. F. Morley.                             April 1940 – December 1940.

Captain. C.G. Toy.                               December 1940 – January 1941.

Captain. L.T. Wright.                           January 1941 – May 1941.

Major. Sir T.B. Redwodd-Bart.            May 1941 – May 1942.

Major. I.D. Irvine.                                May 1942 – December 1942.

Major. J.C.A. Roseveare.                     December 1942 – January 1943.

Major. F.H. Lowman.                          January 1943 – May 1943.

Major. J.N. Chivers.                             May 1943 – January 1946.



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