16 Para Ordnance Field Park RAOC

16 Para Ordnance Field Park RAOC

The 16 Para Brigade consisted of 3 Battalions of The Parachute Regiment and all the Support Arms needed to support them in the field.

16 Para Ordnance Field Park (OFP) supplied all the Stores ( Less food and fuel) they needed from uniforms to vehicle spares.

OFP was based in Elles Barracks Farnborough on the outskirts of Aldershot. It was accommodated in the old Officers Mess buildings, a series of wooden Spiders and out buildings.

Stores were collected from Farnborough Railway Station and distributed to the rest of the Brigade. Binner trucks full of all stores required for a quick move by the Brigade were parked on the MT square and regularly updated.

OFP was about 20 strong, Commanded by a Major with a Lieutenant as 2ic.

Staff aslo included a WO1(Conductor) a Staff Sergeant, 2 Sergeants, 2 REME mechanics and a dozen or so clerks, store men and drivers.


Information kindly supplied by Bryan Burnikell. 

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