155 Details Issue Depot RASC

155 Details Issue Depot RASC

1944 to 1944

155 Details Issue Depot, Royal Army Service Corps, based at Lutterworth, was formed in mid-1944 to met a delivery gap during Airborne operations, as part of the Corps Troops attached to 1st Airborne Division for the Airborne Forward Delivery Airfield Group (AFDAG), RASC intended to be flown in to seized airfields.

The unit flew into an airfield near Graves, to practice their role in late September 1944, whilst the 1st Airborne took part in Op Market Garden. Returning to the UK in October 1944, the decimation of 1st Airborne Division meant there was no longer a realistic role for them and the unit was disbanded.

Commanding Officers

1944     Cpt LIM Bruce-Vickers

Record under construction - compiled with assistance from John White


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