Private Walter Landon

20 Sep 1944

Walter Lewy-Lingen was the son of Richard and Marie Gertrude Lewy-Lingen.

Walter served as Private Walter Landon and after joining the Army and serving with the Pioneer Corps, he transferred to Airborne Forces, completing the split Parachute Courses 61B/62 at RAF Ringway in early May 1943. He was subsequently posted to join 2 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company.

In September 1944, Private Landon emplaned for Arnhem during Op Market Garden and dropped into action on 17 September 1944, as the Battle of Arnhem began to mark the Divisional DZs and LZs on the First and Second Lifts.

On the fourth day, 20 September, Pte Landon was responsible for a supreme act of bravery. The 21st Independent Para Coy were occupying a sector on the Oosterbeek perimeter were subjected to a German infantry attack, supported by sustained fire from mortars and a Self-propelled (SP) artillery gun. As Cpl Laurence Scott recalled:

'Private Landon disabled a German SP gun, by running out into open ground, in front of the gun and firing at it with a PIAT. The gun was disabled and enabled other Platoon members to open fire on the gunners and accompanying German infantry.

Sadly, Landon was shot in the stomach as he ran back towards cover. He managed to stagger to the medical care of the Company's medic 'Doc' Taylor, but died shortly after from his wounds.

He was greatly missed by the 21st Independent Para Coy and is still remembered as an extremely brave soldier.'

Private Landon died on 20 September 1944, aged 24 years old. He is now buried at Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Arnhem.

Further reading

Peter Gijbels and David Truesdale (Eds), Leading the Way to Arnhem, (2008), RN Sigmond Publishing.

With kind assistance from Jan Scott

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