Captain Steven J Hughes

{ Doc, Steve, Stevie }

  • South Atlantic Medal with Rosette

Regimental Medical Officer, 2 PARA

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Service History

  • 1977
    Royal Army Medical College, London (Second Lieutenant)
  • 1980
    Royal Army Medical College, London (Lieutenant)
  • 1981
    Post Graduate Medical Officers Course (Captain)
  • 1981
  • 1984
    Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot (Captain)
  • 1985
    British Military Hospital Rinteln, Germany (Captain)


Steven  J Hughes

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Latest Comments

Bill Bentley said:
Circumstances dictate who, where and when. Individuals can only very rarely stand against overwhelming odds. A group of individuals can achieve a lot. The same individuals led well and working together as a team can do the seemingly impossible. Thanks Steve for leading us, there and then, so that we together could do so much good during that unforgettable period.
Gerard McNulty said:
I am so sad to hear that Steven Hughes is dead, for me he will always be “Young Mr Hughes” he was an inspirational leader and an advocate of the best of airborne ethos. Repent you crap hat barstards God is airborne, go with God, rest in peace.
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