Trooper Stanley Watts

27 Aug 1940

Trooper Stanley Watts, who came from Nottingham, was serving with the Royal Horse Guards when he responded to the notice in June 1940 requesting volunteers for parachute duties. He became one of the original members of No 2 Commando and commenced ground training on 8 July at RAF Ringway.

Unfortunately the first parachuting fatality occurred at Ringway on the 25 July with the death of Driver Evans. Parachute training was suspended while modifications were made to the parachute design by Raymond Quilter of the GQ Company and No 2 Commando resumed their jump training on 14 August. Although things went more smoothly they were not without incident and Trooper Watts became the second parachuting fatality at Ringway on 27 August 1940, barely a month after the first death.

Raymond Quilter was again promptly on the scene to look at the cause which he pinpointed to a fault in the way the parachute was secured with the pack. A solution was developed on the same day and incorporated into the GQ production line within two days.

Trooper Watts is buried at North Sheen Cemetery in Surrey.

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Service History

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    Royal Horse Guards (Trooper)
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    No 2 Commando (Trooper)

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