Private Sidney J Naldrett

Pte Sidney John Naldrett enlisted into the Somerset Light Infantry and was serving with 10th Battalion, SLI, when it was turned over to airborne duties in 1942, to become 7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion.

He qualified as a military parachutist on course 42 which ran at RAF Ringway from 14 to 23 December 1942, and served in the HQ Company's Machine Gun Platoon.

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Sidney J Naldrett

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Patricia Brooker said:
My Dad was the most honest man I've ever met. Woe betide his children if we ever told a lie. He always told us, that he did 3 drops - Wonder why you are missing his 3rd action?
Patricia Brooker said:
Whilst jumping out of the belly of a 'plane at Ringway he hit his mouth on the side of the 'plane - he knew he'd hurt himself & when he landed made his way to the 1st Aid tent - holding on to his mouth. He told the nurse, "Think I've hurt myself- when he removed his hand - the poor Nurse fainted. He was a very good looking guy, but they managed to patch him up pretty good. You didn't notice his scar - unless he got angry, when it used to swell for some reason & go bright red - A good warning sign for my Brothers & me to scarper. Whilst recovering from this accident -being bored, he applied to become Richard Todd's batman, to help fill in the time. Thought he'd blown it when 'Toddy' asked him why he thought he could do the job as he'd never had any experience of doing this type of work. Dad relied - "Well, I can look after myself - so I'm bloody sure I can look after you!" He spent most of his time warding off all the beautiful women who hung around the actors billet. Dear Dad, even got a mention in Richard Todds autobiography. Once his scars healed he was glad to get transferred back to his unit.
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