Roy J Dachtler

Roy Joined The Grenadier Guards in 1959 and volunteered for Airborne Forces in 1961.He with John Tuffley , Jim Lawrence and  Brian Withers successfully passed the Guards Parachute Company Hardening course and P Company in February 1961 with an exemplary pass from their Instructors.

On Joining the Guards Parachute Company Roy served in the Anti Tank Troop. 

In 1962 He Transferred to the Royal Military Police and was attached to 16 Parachute Brigade in Aldershot.

Roy was Exemplary Discharged from the Army in 1966. He then started a new career as a Police Officer with the Berkshire & Reading Constabulary. 

During his time in the Army Roy served in various countries and Theatres abroad, UK, BAOR , Europe, The Middle East, and Far East.

Roy sadly passed away at the age of 84 on 28 April 2024

Information and image from Joe Farrell MBE of The GPA

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OS Roy J Dachtler

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