Colour Sergeant Ronald G Jordan

{ Ronnie }

05 Sep 1920 - 10 Mar 2013

Ronald 'Ronnie' G Jordan came from Birmingham and enlisted in 1936 with TA 48th Division RCOS.

In February 1939 he was an armourer with Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy. In Norway in 1940 he was on The Ark Royal involved in operations protecting air, land and shipping. Ronnie also saw service that year protecting convoys to Malta and The 8th Army in North Africa. He was "run over by a 'plane" and disabled 40%, which meant he was discharged from the Navy.

In 1942 he enlisted as an armourer with RAOC. in 1943 he was again sent to North Africa to help with preparations for the invasion of Italy. Later that year he was involved with The 1st Airborne's invasion of Italy. 

In September 1944 as a member of The 1st Airborne Division, REME, armourer/infantryman he took part in Op. Market Garden. He was wounded twice before being captured and imprisoned in Stalag 11B POW number 118065. 

In 1948 he joined TA with 144 Airborne and went on to become the senior NCO of 144 Workshops.  Later he became a member of 23 SAS, before being discharged in 1969. 

Profile created from a letter written to the editor of The Pegasus Journal in 2011 by Ronald G Jordan.

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Ronald G Jordan in battle dress and beret

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