Lieutenant Roger Hiscock

28 Feb 1948 - 21 Aug 1982

Lieutenant Roger Hiscock, husband of Jane, served with B Company, 15 Para. He was killed in a parachuting accident on Salisbury Plain on 21 August 1982.

He is now buried at St Mary on the Rock, in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

The Roger Hiscock Trophy is presented during The Aberdeen Inter Service Shooting Competition to the serving or ex-serving member of airborne forces who achieves the highest aggregate score aggregate score on SLR and SMG..


Pegasus Journal October 1982.


"Conscientious, clear sighted and efficient", said a civilian colleague of Roger Hiscock in describing his work as a lecturer at Aberdeen Technical College. "He was good to work with - friendly, cheerful and one of those people you like to pass the time of day with in the corridors".

Those of us who knew Roger as Lieutenant Hiscock of 'B' Company, 15th (Scottish Volunteer) Battalion, so tragically killed in a parachuting accident on Fox Covert DZ on Saturday 21 August 1982, will certainly echo those words. We also know that the fine qualities he displayed in his civilian employment were applied in full measure to his responsibilities as a TA officer, along with loyalty, dedication and sense of duty so indispensable in a part-time soldier who aspires to take his place on level terms alongside his regular comrades.

Roger was with us for six years during which time he spent a year training with Aberdeen OTC as well as the Company to gain his CMT in preparation for commissioning. Since then he has commanded a platoon in Aberdeen and for the last two years he was the detachment commander in St Andrews which, although he was an outsider in a platoon of Dundonians, he managed to mould into a fighting team with a very high sense of team spirit and identity.

His future with the TA, as in his civilian career, would undoubtedly have been a bright one and his tragic death leaves a gap which will be difficult to fill.

The funeral was held at the Church of St Marys on the Rock, Ellon on Saturday 28 August 1982 with full military honours. Those attending included: Commander 52 Lowland Brigade Chairman and Secretary Highland TAVRA Col TA Highlands - Col David Smith (late 21C 15 PARA) and many other military and civilian friends Our deepest sympathy goes to Roger's wife Jane and their children Rebecca and Simon and to the respective families, in their tragic loss.



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Latest Comments

David Ellis said:
I subsequently met and married his widow Jane. Their two children are still living near Ellon, and his daughter Rebecca now has two daughters of her own.
Neil Peterson said:
I did not serve with Roger but I knew him, his wife and his children as friends. It's good to see his memory honoured in this way.
David Howie said:
I knew Roger in 15 PARA having met with him several times. He was a very likeable personality with a good sense of humour.

The first time I met him was when he gave myself and my oppo a lift to Glasgow, he insisted that we listen to his children's Winnie the Pooh tape!

He was also a good officer with a professional attitude and a good future. His early death was a shock to all. I am glad that I knew him.
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