Sergeant Robert McCulloch

10 Sep 1943

Robert McCulloch was the son of Hugh and Annabella McCulloch; and husband of Martha McCulloch, of Glasgow.

McCulloch enlisted in the Royal Artillery (RA) and later served with 2nd (Oban) Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA.

He volunteered for parachute duties and attended a short course for airlanding personnel, which started at RAF Ringway on 5 October 1942. McCulloch qualified as an airlanding parachutist by completing four descents.

The following year he took part in the amphibious landings in Italy during September 1943, onboard a mine layer, HMS Abdiel.

Shortly before the men were due to disembark HMS Abdiel hit a mine, causing its own mines to detonate and splitting the ship in two. The ship sank in four minutes. Over twenty members of the battery died in the explosion including Sgt McCulloch.

Sgt McCulloch died on 10 September 1943, aged 25 years, and is now buried in Bari War Cemetery, Italy.

Headstone photograph courtesy of Bob Hilton.

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Robert   McCulloch


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