Corporal Richard R Maryan

01 Jan 1921 - 01 Jan 2007

Richard Maryan served in The Royal Warwickshire Regiment prior to volunteering for service with The Parachute Regiment in World War II.

He qualified as a military parachutist in May 1943 and was posted to A Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion.

Dick Maryan was wounded in Italy later that year. He was rescued by the Padre, and taken to a hospital ship.

In September 1944, he served during the Battle of Arnhem as part of 1 Platoon, A Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion in Sgt Neville Ashley's section.

Maryan took part in the assault to capture the road bridge. After several days hard fighting, Sgt Neville Ashley's section was out of ammunition. He withdrew the five remaining men of his section, including Maryan, into a store room built into the abutment of the bridge on Wednesday 20 September. German troops continued to attack their position and they were taken as prisoners of war. Maryan was later held at Stalag V Halle/Staale, in Germany.

Profile photograph courtesy of Paul Pariso.

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Richard R Maryan

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