Ray Coombe

18 Apr 1949 - 05 Jun 2024

Ray Joined the Army in 1964 as a Junior Guardsman at the Guards Depot Pirbright and was an exceptional Junior Guardsman. He was posted to The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, and served in Queens Company.

He volunteered for Airborne Forces in September 1967 and formed up with other Guardsmen and The Household Cavalry Regiment at Brookwood Railway station dressed in full no2 Dress carrying their Kit Bags & Suitcases where the Instructors from 1st(Guards)Independent Company The Parachute Regiment introduced themselves. The Chief Instructor was Derek(Black Tom )Thomson GGG, Ian(Big Wullie)Wilson SG, Dennis Archer GGG, John Passant IG, Ron Gee GGG. Michael (Wee Wullie) Wilson GGG 

All the Candidates were tabbed to The GPC lines in Pirbright camp, and so the Hardening Course began that day for Ray and the other candidates .Out of 80 plus candidates only 17 made it to Pegasus(P)Company.

Ray was an exemplary candidate,and was held in high esteem by the GPC Instructors including his Peers (Great Intestinal Fortitude)

Ray was in 1 Troop and served in Various theatres, United Kingdom including Northern Ireland, The Far East, Middle East, BAOR, Ray was medically discharged from the Army in 1974 due to a Free Fall parachuting Accident.

His funeral was held at Beckenham Crematorium. 

Created with information and image supplied by the GPA

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