Staff Sergeant Philip E Carr

08 Apr 1963 -

Philip Carr joined the Army in 1985.

He attended basic training at REME depot, Arborfield. 1986 - Instrument Technician Training at SEME, Bordon. Promoted to LCpl.

1987 posted to Royal Hussars, Fallingbostel, Germany. 1988 - Completed Med Man 1, BATUS Canada

1989 now attached to Scots Dragoon Guards, Fallingbostel completed Med Man 3, BATUS Canada. 

1990 posted to 16 Fd Wksp REME, Airport Camp, Belize.

1991 posted to AMF(L): 2 BN the Fusiliers Regt then on enrolment to the Duke of Wellington Regt - 3 Tours of Norway. Promoted to Sgt in Norway.

1993 12 Regt RA Napier Bks, Dortmund.

1995 Un Tour of Cyprus. Philip married Nicosia 24 May 1996. 

1996 10 AB Wksp REME - 5 AB Bde log Bn.

2000 7 Air Assault Bn Reme, Wattisham Airbase

2003 26 Regt RA Wksp REME, Gutersloh

2007 completed 22 yr service & moved to Sliven, Bulgaria


Created with information and image supplied by Philip Carr.

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OS Philip Carr by Goose Green sign

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