Private Peter S Grundy

01 Jan 1958 - 16 Dec 1979

Peter Stephen Grundy was born in 1958 on the Isle of Wight and enlisted in 1979.

He completed his training at the Depot in Aldershot as the Champion SLR Shot of 453 Platoon. Most of the 23 soldiers who successfully passed out on 29 June 1979 were posted to 2 PARA in Northern Ireland.

Peter was posted to 3 Platoon A Coy 2 PARA. He narrowly escaped death at the Warrenpoint bombing in August 1979, when 18 members of 2 PARA were killed, by transferring at the last moment from the vehicle hit by the first blast to a Land Rover that was less exposed to the explosion.

He was killed a few months later by a booby trap bomb in remote farmhouse near Tullydonnel, Forkhill.

Pte Peter Grundy died on 16 December 1979, aged 21 years, and is now buried at Ryde Old Parish Cemetery on the Isle of Wight.

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Peter S Grundy

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Ian Dufall said:
I joined up with Pete in 453 platoon. There were only three of us true southerners the third was Jerry Hardy from Southampton me being from Bournemouth. Sadly jerry didn't survive the tour either. I have never kept in touch with the families ,something I regret but I swear there is rarely a month goes by that I don't think of them. Both true friends and sadly missed.
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