Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Rodger Butler

{ Pat }

12 Jan 1949 -

  • Mentioned in Despatches medal
  • MBE medal
  • OBE medal

Patrick Butler joined  the Junior Parachute Company Jan 1965. He then went on to serve with  1 Para Nov 66 served in A and D (Ptl ) Coy serving in Aldershot, Aden, Far East and Northern Ireland. 

After his promotion to  Sgt he  served with Recruit Company Depot Para & Abn Forces 72-74. After which he rejoined 1 Para - Berlin,Far East and Cyprus  - 74 & 77 serving with the Recce Pl and MMG PL.

Pat then served as an instructor at RMAS between 77 & 79. Before being commissioned in January 1980. His service then proceeded as follows:

Jan - Aug 80. RHQ Para. Lt & Capt as a Pl Comd

Aug 80 - Oct 83. 3 Para Capt and A/Maj. RSO and OC D (Ptl ) Coy. N.Ireland and Falklands.

Oct 83 - Sept 85. HQ 5 Abn Bde. Capt. SO3 G2

Sept 85 - Sept 87. 4 Para. Maj. Training Major.

Sept 87 -  Dec 89.   RHQ Para. Maj SO2 G3 Ops/Air.

Dec 89 - Dec 91. 2 Para. Maj OC Sp Coy.

Dec 91 - Sept 93. Maj . OC Fighting In Built Up Areas Training Team. Warminster and Bosnia.

Sept 93 - April 95. Maj and Lt Col. CO United Nations Training and Advisory Group. Warminster, Bosnia, Angola,and Eastern Europe.

Apr 95 - Apr 99. Lt Col. Chief Instructor Inf Trg Centre Wales/Inf Battle School.

Apr 99 - Sept 04. Lt Col. Comd Army Training Estates Wales.

Pat retired from the Army September 2004



Created with image and information kindly supplied by P R Butler.

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Lt Col PR Butler preparing to exit aircraft

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