Corporal Neil Peacock

  • Gulf Medal (1990-91) with Clasp

Neil Peacock joined depot Para in 1982 with and passing out in 489 platoon, into the 1st Battalion.

After 3 years as an infantry solder and hearing of the reformation of 5 Airborne Brigade he volunteered to join the new 10 Airborne Workshops as a Vehicle mechanic.

He selected to do 3 further years within the AB brigade working alongside 1, 2 and 3 Para on operations around the world.

Having completed the All Arms Commando Course in 1990, I wished to continue working within 5 Airborne  or 3 Commando Brigade however the onslaught of the 1st Gulf war seen me posted to 1 Stafford’s. With whom I also recap badged into and served with there COP in Northern Ireland before leaving the Army to follow a career in Private Security in 1996.


Created with information kindly supplied by N Peacock.

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  • Gulf Medal (1990-91) with Clasp GMC
OS Cpl Neil Peacock

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