Private Murray Acton

22 Aug 1944

Murray Adams-Acton was the son of Lionel William O'Gorman Adams-Acton and Dorothy Catherine Adams-Acton, of Hythe, Kent.

After transferring to Airborne service from the Black Watch, he passed Parachute Course 112 in late-April 1944 to join the Parachute Regiment with the comments: 'Fair performer,  awkward. Keen and confident'.

He served with 12th (Yorks) Parachute Battalion under the alias, Murray Acton (possibly due to being underage on recruitment) and took part in the Normandy landings, during Op Overlord.

Private Acton died on 22 August 1944, aged just 17 years old. He is now buried at Ranville War Cemetery, Normandy.

Headstone image provided by Bob Hilton.

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Murray  Acton

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