Captain Matthew C Kissane

30 Aug 1918 - 29 Jun 1947

Captain Matthew Cyril Kissane successfully completed the parachute training course B/183 at Ringway on 14 November 1945.

Capt Kissane was posted to 12 (The Devonshire Regiment) Airborne. He later served with The 9th (Essex) Parachute Battalion in Palestine.

On 28 June 1947 Captain Kissane was with a number of officers of the 6th Airborne Division, dining in the Astoria restaurant Haifa, when it was attacked by two Jewish terrorists who drew up in a taxi opposite the restaurant and fired a Thompson Sub Machine Guns through the windows at the Officers inside. Major Waddy and Lieutenant Laws were wounded and Captain Kissane was fatally injured, he died a few hours later at 42 General Hospital at 03:55 hours on 29 June 1947.

Capt Kissane is now buried at Khayat Beach War Cemetery, Israel.

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