Private Kenneth Roberts

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29 Sep 1944

Private Kenneth Roberts was the son of Jack and Anne Roberts, of Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, and husband of Margaret Roberts, of Stoke-on-Trent. He served with 21st Independent Parachute Company, and took part in the Battle of Arnhem, during Op Market Garden.

He was parachute jump trained on Course 94/95 in December 1943. His instructor noted this about his performance: 

"Keen physically showed good parachutist"

He was initially wounded during the battle, was treated in Hospital at Jonkerbos, but died of wounds sustained on 29 September 1944, aged 23 years old. He was originally given a field burial in the grounds of Jonkerbosch Boarding School (which was being used as a hospital), before being re-interred later at Jonkerbos War Cemetery, near Nijmegen.


Profile created with assistance from Phil Jennett and R Hilton

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