Bombardier Kenneth F Hanson

{ Ken }

17 Jan 1920 - 09 Sep 2011

Kenneth 'Ken' F Hanson joined the territorials in the spring of 1939 in Sheffield.

He was then mobilised on the 2 September 1939, 284 Battery,123rd (Sheffield) army Field Regiment RA. After coastal defence duties the regiment departed for India in 1940 to join the 32nd Indian army division in the Pune area.

In the latter part of 1944 the regiment’s role changed, becoming part of the newly formed 44th Indian Airborne Division as the 123 Parachute Field Regiment RA, trained in low-level night drops onto the jungle canopy.  

Ken was repatriated to the UK in 1946.

Profile picture was taken in India 18 August 1944

Created with information kindly supplied by John Hanson

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